retainingToday’s homeowner is extremely busy. From constant repairs and upkeep to remodeling projects, updating and maintaining a space requires plenty of time and money. But these efforts could all be swept away depending on the type of land and foundation a home rests upon. Deciding to install a retaining wall in your outdoor space is worth careful consideration. Here are a few key reasons why people install retaining walls in the Raleigh area.

Safety – Homes that rest on the top and the bottom of hills are at risk of damage from soil erosion. It’s simple. Gravity slowly pulls and weakens materials along a slope. At the bottom of a hill, a home might get hit with all the things that used to be resting above it. Meanwhile, homes on top of a hill could lose the very foundation below them during  a heavy rain with flooding. Retaining walls provide the necessary stability to protect the property and give homeowners peace of mind.

Space – Slopes typically aren’t the best formation for growing plants and enjoying an outdoor space. With a retaining wall, gardens can grow more effectively and a backyard improves its aesthetic appeal. Homeowners have more land to customize, more room for seating, and more inspiration for an overall landscaping project.

Preservation – Homeowners have the opportunity to more effectively utilize rainwater for gardens and other natural landscapes with a retaining wall.

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