Residential Hardscapes

Outstanding & Custom Hardscapes Contractor

Finding a team that takes a residential hardscaping project and works on it like they own the property is rare. The good news is you have found us!

We are here to ensure our clients enjoy our amazing residential hardscaping projects for many years to come, created by a team of stone design experts who care. Our services include:

  • Installation of paver patios
  • Building of outdoor kitchens
  • Building of outdoor fireplaces etc.

Therefore engaging our team is the first step towards giving your yard the ultimate touch of stone beauty.

Why Should You Consider Hardscaping?

We understand the value of your home’s property hence the importance of caring about each detail of the project to make it the best we can. This involves taking care of the space you wish to relax and entertain outdoors.

One struggle most clients have always had is finding the perfect backyard hardscape design. COVIS is all about meeting client expectations; therefore, we are here to ensure your backyard hardscaping needs are met with 100% satisfaction. Our services involve thorough pre-project due diligence, including a visit to the client’s site done with the intent of creating an outdoor masterpiece.

If your greatest worry has always been where can I find a local, trusted hardscape design company, worry no more. At COVIS, we are all about delivering residential hardscaping services that make your neighbors envious. Please contact us today for a consultation with our experts and let the journey to a beautiful hardscape begin.

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