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Your Amazing Pool Deserves a Custom Pool Deck Made of Pavers or Natural Stone

If you are currently designing your pool or already have a pool, take into consideration what you plan on installing for your pool decking and coping. Many people choose concrete as their pool deck, but aren’t always pleased when it begins to crack over time. Choosing a custom natural stone solution like travertine, flagstone, or pavers helps for flex in the land and a more durable solution , while also looking amazing!

COVIS offers extensive options for custom pool decking and coping. And, we’re the team to build it for you, too. With our widely-acclaimed expertise and years of experience, we are the only backyard pool deck contractor you need to complete your outdoor paradise.

Types of Pool Decking & Coping to Consider

COVIS specializes in building pool decks surrounding only in-ground pools using natural stone, flagstone, travertine and a wide assortment of pavers.

Whatever the type of pool decking and coping you decide to have installed, the first step for the backyard pool deck contractor is to design the space around the pool. Do you need more entertainment area? A fire pit? An outdoor kitchen with grill island? So many options and COVIS can help you decide!

The Many Benefits of a Pool Deck

  • Aesthetically-Pleasing: a proper, well-built pool deck will make your backyard look its very best.
  • Functional: a nice deck will make your pool a lot more fun to use. As you know, pools aren’t just for swimming, but also four relaxing around the perimeter on a beautiful summer day.

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