A well-designed outdoor space will be enjoyed during the evening just as much as the daylight hours, if not more. Late night chats around the fire pit, summer barbecues, and fireworks viewings are not complete without ambient lighting to highlight the hardscaping and tie together the design. With numerous styles, shapes, and layouts available, the incorporation of outdoor lighting adds several essential features to a space.

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Safety – Dark walkways and patios can lead to stubbed toes and unpleasant falls. Light the way for your family and guests with outdoor lighting wherever people are actively enjoying the space.

Security – A well-lit property makes it harder for criminals to conceal their illicit activities. Motion-activated lighting can illuminate any would-be intruders and let them know you are actively involved in protecting your property.

Comfort – An outdoor space can look completely different during the night with the right lighting themes. Illumination is key to determining the mood of a space. Homeowners might want something bright and festive for parties, or something dim and orange for peaceful evening contemplation.

Curb Appeal – A home’s overall value increases if it’s presented to the public with style and elegance. An outdoor space is often the first impression for the atmosphere and style of a home, and outdoor lighting is key to that presentation.

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