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Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace Ideas for Your Backyard

While remembering a time when friends and family once gathered around a campfire during childhood, feelings of nostalgia begin to overcome us. We remember all the laughter and the conversations we had while spending quality time with one another. As an adult, we long to experience more memorable moments like these but find it a challenge to recreate the same ambiance at home. Here are 2 trending outdoor fire pit and outdoor fireplace ideas that can help you create these types of endearing moments right in your backyard.

Multipurpose Fire Pit

One of the most sought-after and trending outdoor fire pit ideas is installing a multipurpose fire pit in the backyard. As its name suggests, these types of fire pits allow you to not only enjoy the warmth of the fire, but it can also be used to roast yummy marshmallows or used as a grill. Multipurpose fire pits can come in several shapes and sizes, allowing you, your family, and guests to enjoy each other’s company all year round.

Modern but Organic

Another trending outdoor fireplace idea you should consider for your backyard is a modern but organic-themed outdoor living space. A modern but organic-themed outdoor living space will combine modern elements like a flat-screen television with traditional elements like a wooden pergola and a fireplace. Picture an evening with your family, hearing the crackling noises from the outdoor fireplace while watching television beneath the stars. Sounds like a modern fairy tale doesn’t it?

Outdoor Fireplace Contractors Who Understand Your Needs

Perhaps you are now excited to add an outdoor fire pit and/or fireplace to your backyard. You may now be also searching for a custom outdoor fireplace builder that can help you customize these types of outdoor fire pit and outdoor fireplace ideas. Contact COVIS today as we are a trusted, and reputable professional custom outdoor fireplace builder with over 40 years of expertise and understand your custom outdoor fireplace and fire pit needs. So, when searching for a company that offers top-quality custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit construction services, we are the ones you can trust and depend on.

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