Choosing the Right Stone Patio Type for Your Outdoor Living Space

When designing the perfect outdoor living space, the homeowner is presented with many options. From the landscaping to the lighting to the style, each home requires its own unique materials and design. Essential to the look of a stone patio is its hardscape material, which can be natural stones or paving stones. Many factors may be considered for this decision, including the home’s exterior, size of the space, and budget. The team of expert Raleigh hardscapers at COVIS Stone is happy to share information about patio stone types and develop a plan for the perfect outdoor living space.


stone-pavement-1140653_1280Natural Stone

With a rich, earthen color and texture, natural stone is great for the homeowner who would like to blend the patio with natural landscaping elements. Color options and styles are numerous, which means homeowners can choose between a more traditional and uniform look or opt for a more rugged design.




Concrete Paverspavers-703981_1280

Concrete pavers present homeowners with a wide variety of pattern, shape, and color options. This hardscaping material is far more than just a brick, it’s a customizable assembly that can accompany almost any type of building, from Mediterranean beach homes to historic old-brick manses. To design a yard that truly reflects a home’s atmosphere, consider concrete pavers.





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