The times they are a changing.  The way we live, design our homes, and entertain is very different from the past.  When I grew up no one had fire pits or outdoor kitchens.  Chimeneas and outdoor kitchens didn’t exist yet.  So if you are like me, your home was designed 15-20 years ago.

covis-2This was the time when folks began moving outdoors.  Home owners were taking outdoor living seriously and began installing wooden decks at rapid rates and expanding their usable “living space” footprint and home value.  The wooden deck business was very, very good for some builders.   Some of the wooden decks were quite elaborate and expensive and fostered in an era of improved outdoor weather resistant furniture to welcome owners and guests to the great outdoors.  Life was good.

As time marched on and outdoor living and entertaining popularity increased, so did the desire to have more of it by extending the season well into fall, winter, and spring.   In Raleigh and the rest of the south the winter days are cool and the nights are downright cold. Options were limited and the party moved back indoors.

covis-3Stage left; enter gas heaters and the chiminea!  Problem solved, or so we thought.   These solutions did extend the season and the usability of the outdoor space but also created new risks of fire hazards from fuel, sparks, or tipping.   The chiminea was then exiled to a corner of the property where it could do no harm.   Adding to the challenge was Mother Nature and the ravages of weather.   Even the best made deck with the finest pressure treated wood needed painting, repair and replacement.    Often the homeowner, when presented with a big repair estimated or painting quote opted to “insource the project” with varying results.  (My neighbor has been rebuilding his wood deck for the last 6 weeks).

covis-4At COVIS, we advise our customers to invest in the “rock” and hardscaping.   We feel so strongly about this recommendation it is all we do.  Hardscaping can stand the test of time and is lower cost to own when maintenance costs are factored in.   Creating outdoor living spaces from stone is always more attractive and safer.   Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces can be designed into your yard as a focal point of activity and create warmth for those chilly months of the year with both gas and wood fired character.   (Always check local fire ordinances).

We would love to help you create a “Vision in Stone” that last a lifetime.  You will be amazed at the options available today in Brick, stone, or concrete pavers and how easily they can integrate to your home and landscaping investments for an elegant functional design.  Further questions? Whichever type of fire pit you decide to install in your backyard, COVIS Stone has the experience, service, and tools necessary to do a quality job.  Call us now for a consultation at 919.977.3284.

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