Whether it’s the highway or open spaces,  people enjoy traveling along the quickest possible route. When your lawn isn’t designed with a hardscaping element in mind, it can be ruined by eager walkers who skip the “standard path” entirely. At COVIS, we are experienced in pointing out areas of an outdoor space that have the potential to be “high traffic.” After years of installing patios and walkways, we can usually envision the areas where people will most often walk or access your lawn.

Excited homeowners might have a clear vision about the hardscaping project’s material, style, and shape. But these elements can be tampered by guests eager to take the shortest route possible. If a winding path excessively lengthens someone’s walk, they might shun it entirely, resulting in flattened grass and possible erosion. It’s important to design pathways around convenience as much as looks.

A hardscaping project that isn’t designed for ease of access can damage and hinder other portions of a yard. While guests usually do their best to follow the hardscaped areas, if they are far removed from a core walkway, they might not see the path and then take the most logical route. A well-designed hardscaping project integrates the portions of a yard that will draw the most foot traffic, allowing people to enjoy the space.

To get feedback from the COVIS team about hardscaping popular areas in your outdoor space, reach out to us about your options!

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