[noun] – The man made features used in landscaping architecture, e.g. paths or walls, as contrasted with vegetation. (Google)

Think of hardscaping as a way to bring your landscape design to the next level. Imagine your dream backyard oasis and make it come to life.

Worried about what will work best in your space? There are many hardscaping options to choose from that will maximize your outdoor living space.

Smaller Spaces

Those of you who live in a townhome or a home in the city may battle the struggle of a smaller or even shared outdoor living space. Just because you may have a smaller space, doesn’t mean you can’t create the ultimate backyard you’ve always wanted. Check out the following hardscape designs that will work best with your space.


Compliment a smaller space with a big statement stairway. Lead them into a hardscape walkway, patio, or landscaped yard. Choose the perfect stone that will match your home and increase the value on your home.


Patios are great for all spaces. Customize the shape and size of your patio to fit your space. Choose to create a raised patio, like this one, to level out and uneven lawn.




Larger Spaces

Those of you who live in a home with lots of space for outdoor activities can take advantage of many hardscape designs. Since there are so many options, it’s important to understand your needs and wants of your outdoor sanctuary. Check out the following hardscape designs that will maximize your outdoor living and entertaining.

hardscaping3Pools & Fireplaces

Why choose one when you can have both? Incorporating a hardscape outdoor fireplace with your patio surrounding a pool creates fun for all seasons. Whether it’s a cold night by the fire, or a hot day by the pool, you have a perfect place for your friends to gather.



Make a big statement with a new hardscape driveway. Maximize your curb appeal and the value of your home with this upgrade to your home.

No matter the size space you have available, a hardscape design is always an option. Whatever you desire we can produce the perfect design to compliment your space. Call COVIS today to schedule your free consultation. Make today be the day that you create a getaway in your own home.

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