Colder weather is upon us and holiday gatherings are in full swing. What better way to bring people together than to reunite around the fire with an ooey-gooey sweet treat, the s’more.

The s’more being that childhood memory everyone loves. The warm toasty marshmallow in between crunchy graham crackers and melted chocolate. This delicious dessert has been a tradition in your family during the holiday season for years.

But was the S’more the reason you cherish these gatherings so much?…

It’s more than the S’more. It’s the family time. The special moments in your home that bring together the ones you love. It’s the customized backyard fire pit by COVIS that makes this all possible.

Create new holiday traditions this year by expanding your outdoor living with a hardscape fire pit in your own backyard. Call COVIS today to set up your free consultation.

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