When Jennifer Aniston is ready to create another beautiful new home – the type she’s become famous for – there’s always a lot of natural stone involved. That includes the amazing, sprawling driveways that lead up to these homes. Without exception, they’re designed with nature in mind and always created with stone driveway pavers.

The result is the classic, cozy Californian look that’s reminiscent of a Zen retreat. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to design that same look for your own home. All it takes is a great designer and some gorgeous, nature-inspired driveway pavers.

Driveway Pavers for the Zen Retreat Look

Known as something of a designer herself, Ms. Aniston loves to incorporate natural elements into the design of her home, both in the interior and the exterior. In fact, her nature-inspired sensibilities, combined with a Zen-like Asian influence that recalls her passion for yoga, usually means there’s a free-flowing boundary between indoors and out.

Pavers not only make a driveway beautiful, but they can also work to achieve those same results for your home. In her L.A. home in Beverly Hills, the paver-made driveway flows freely to the front door by crossing over a travertine-paved walkway that spans a koi pond. The pavers serve to unify all three spaces: the driveway, the walkway, and the “bridge”.

Why Your Driveway Pavers Matter for Interior Design

Even in her new Bel Air home, Jennifer Aniston has made it clear that she’s all about the look of natural stone – driveway pavers included! And it’s here that you can take another clue from her impeccable sense of design. The new home is resplendent with natural stone features, from the pizza oven in the kitchen to the stone walls of her wine “cellar”. The look is magnified by the presence of stone wherever you go on her property, including the pavers that form her driveway.

Her pavers extended throughout the expanse of her main entrance, forming a plaza-piazza effect with a single walkway to a single set of bronze doors. It’s a clean, simple look reminiscent of a 16th century piazza in Rome, Italy. That turned out to be quite fitting because her husband, Justin Theroux, loved to park his Ducati motorcycle there!

In her home and yours, the natural, beautiful look of updated stone driveway pavers can give a sense of what’s to come. Visitors who first arrive at her home can already sense that Ms. Aniston is drawn to natural materials like stone. She loves the process of design and you can tell the minute you arrive at her home – again, by the importance she’s given to choosing exactly the right driveway pavers that reflect the mood and style of her home.

Covis Does Custom Driveways

The driveway designers here at Covis have a touch of Zen, too! Whether or not you plan on incorporating a Koi pond like Ms. Aniston did in her famous Beverly Hills home, driveway pavers can help you achieve a nature-inspired, free-flowing driveway-entranceway that you’ll be proud of for decades to come.

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