The official first day of Spring this year is March 20 – is your patio ready?  We’ve had some wonderfully warm weather already so maybe you’ve been thinking about getting your patio ready for the season.

Why not give it a makeover?

If your patio is in dire need of a revamping, there’s a lot you can do in just a short time. Now’s your chance to create a transformation – before the season gets underway and you’re too busy enjoying yourself!

We’ve got plenty of experience helping people design their patios. Here’s a tried-and-true formula for giving your patio a facelift, straight from the back offices of the COVIS design team.

1. Create a Plan

Patio design deserves the same kind of careful attention that you’d give to interior decor. Plan it the way you’d plan a new kitchen: make sure there’s room for every activity you plan on doing in the space.

This is a good time to consider your “patio goals” – what the primary purpose of the space is going to be.

2. Draw a Map

With your primary patio function in mind (from the planning stage, above), map things out. Keep an eye on functionality, just as you would in a kitchen do-over.

For example, is there enough room for people to lounge comfortably? Or, if you’re planning an outdoor kitchen, is there enough room for people to eat out there? How will the traffic flow work? Are there too many small tables?

Here’s an insider’s tip: pay close attention to the direction of the setting sun (chances are, you won’t be on your patio when the sun is rising). In the late afternoon, when the sun is low, will you be able to tolerate being on the patio? Consider the orientation of the seating when you draw your map.

3. Consider Your Options for Shade

That last point in the mapping stage – the setting sun – is an important one. In addition to mapping out the seating, you could also consider adding some shading elements to your patio.

Investing in a canopy can dramatically increase the number of hours each day that you’re able to spend out on the patio.

4. Choose a Color Palette That Excites

One of the top reasons that beautifully-designed hardscaping projects can fall short of impressing is because someone neglected to choose a color scheme. Even after all the professional planning and design expertise that goes into creating a gorgeous new patio, something as little as the color palette can make a huge difference. Yes, it’s just icing on the cake but it’s important, nevertheless.

“Urban” patios that highlight the natural beauty of stone and which keep the greenery to a minimum could often use a pop of color. Almost any color scheme will look incredible with the natural palette of stone. The world is your oyster in this case!

On the other hand, a traditional patio might incorporate lots of greenery. In this case, you might want to go with a palette that matches the blossoms of your plants.

5. Bring on the Lighting

When you plan the lighting to creatively light up your patio at night, you’re essentially getting two patios for one. Lighting can completely transform your patio into a post-sunset oasis. Consider outdoor chandeliers, modern string lighting, or even candles for special nights out on your patio.

Wondering about other ways to spruce up your patio this Spring? We can help! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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