Renovations needn’t be elaborate or time-consuming. With brick veneer or natural stone veneer, you can transform any wall – inside or out – for a whole new look. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of ideas that make the biggest impact.

Here are six ways to beautifully style an interior wall with stone or brick veneer.

  1. An Updated Kitchen Island Wall

From meal prep station and overflow storage to family hub and entertaining center, the kitchen island does it all. No wonder we see so many kitchen renovations that include a new one or a redesign of an old one. But with the many roles a kitchen island plays, it’s easy to forget that it can also serve as an architectural focal point.

Covered in natural stone veneer, a kitchen island can go from utilitarian workhorse to impressive centerpiece of your home. And why not? Whether it’s your morning coffee stop, command central for family gatherings, or the nightly homework spot, a beautiful kitchen island will be the place you use the most in your home.

  1. A Stone Fireplace Refacing

From mid-century modern to California cool, fireplaces come in all kinds of styles. The good news is: you aren’t stuck with the one you have. Stone veneer and brick veneer can completely transform the look of your fireplace and, along with it, the entire room as well.

Consider the simple, rustic elegance of a redbrick fireplace crowned by a sleek white mantel. It’s a type of rustic minimalism that works in almost any home and can be styled a million different ways once the project is completed.

Or if you’re going full-fledged rustic, brick veneer can transform not just your fireplace but the entire wall. For dramatic effect, picture brick covering the entire expanse of your wall: from hearth to fireplace to mantel and all the way up to the ceiling. It’s both simple and dramatic and it creates a focal point for your entire home.

  1. The Ultimate Stylish Kitchen

Even if a kitchen island renovation isn’t in your plans, there’s still a way to take advantage of the beautifying effects of stone veneer or brick veneer. Consider a backsplash in rustic brick or natural stone. Now imagine that look carried over to the entire wall, countertop to ceiling. Old-World charm meets modern-day drama as the warming, traditional look of brick or stone gets an upgraded treatment for a kitchen renovation that’s simple yet completely transforming.

  1. An Urban Look for Your Living Room

Not everyone is lucky enough to have exposed brick walls in their home. In fact, it’s a look that’s limited to urban lofts in East Coast cities, for the most part. But with brick veneer, the urban look is possible anywhere you’d like it to be. Charming rusticity can be added to one wall of your living space and then, paired with super sleek furniture or shelving, you’ve created a showpiece room that everyone will love (and you’ll be proud of!).

Covis offers natural stone veneer, brick veneer, and a whole host of other beautiful ways to transform your home, inside and out. Give us a call or stop by the store and we can discuss all the advantages of brick or stone veneer for your home.

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