How to Keep a Paver Patio in Apex in Tip-Top Shape for Cold Weather

When a local hardscape contractor builds a beautiful new paver patio, the design and construction part of the project is complete. However, this is when the maintenance side of things just begins.

As most of folks know, a custom paver patio in Apex can be enjoyed year ’round due to the mild winters and great weather and NC climate we all love. While all four seasons tend to be much warmer throughout the state than in northern parts of the country, winter months can still be chilly, sometimes even reaching freezing temperatures. For this reason, an experienced local hardscape contractor, such as COVIS, understands the importance of recommending helpful maintenance tips to keep a paver patio in tip top shape through the winter months.

Quick Tips to Winterize Your Hardscape

Rain, snow and ice can damage a paver patio. When the stones have been wet, then warmer temperatures set in, it can create an environment that is prone to moss, which is both unsightly and can cause damage to the stones and mortar joints. This can lead to cracking. Contractors can apply a water or solvent-based coat to the surface of a paver patio, thus sealing the natural stone and joints to prevent winter damage and prolong the patios life.

If a patio or walkway is constantly freezing over then melting, the stones will contract and expand over and over again, which can cause cracking. It’s a good idea to use a snow blower or plastic shovel to keep surface areas clear from snow. While keeping a paver patio swept and shoveled helps prevent winter damage, salting paver stones is not a good idea as salt is abrasive, and can further damage to the surface. Salt also contains moisture, which, as explained earlier, isn’t ideal for a custom paver patio you invested in for your home. However, there are products such as this one that do not contain salt which a homeowner can use to de-ice a paver patio or walkway.

Talk with a Paver Patio Builder in Apex Today

Homeowners can make winter hardscaping in Apex NC easier by learning as much as possible about cold weather maintenance ahead of time. You may also talk with one of our custom patio builders for more information anytime. Schedule a consultation as well if you’re interested in creating outdoor visions in stone!

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