Holly Springs Fire Pit Contractors Know How to Beat Old Man Winter

A local hardscaper can design and install a one-of-a-kind, custom-built fire pit that enables a homeowner to enjoy outdoor entertaining all year ’round. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that a fire pit is built to last. While North Carolina weather typically includes milder temperatures than northern states, it can still get cold enough here to snow, which is why it’s important to ask a Holly Springs fire pit contractor about winterization.

The following list includes tips from an experienced local hardscaper to help prevent fire pit damage in winter:

  • Clear pit of all trash, leaves or debris.
  • Use a weather-resistant cover to keep out rain and snow.
  • Make sure gas is turned off.

Whether a fire pit is gas-fueled or wood-burning, a priority for winterizing is clearing the pit of all debris. Letting a fire pit clog with debris throughout winter can lead to rust or other damage.

Using a Fire Pit Cover All Year is Best

If someone uses the search phrase “find a fire pit contractor near me,” then schedules a project and wants to learn about winterization, an experienced hardscape contractor will no doubt explain the benefits of using a fire pit cover when a pit has cooled down and is not in use.

Covering a fire pit not only prevents discoloration and rust, but it also keeps the pit clear from precipitation. A covered fire pit stays dry, which also makes future fires easier to start. For wood-fueled fire pits, many homeowners use snuffer covers, which help contain stray sparks and keep oxygen out. Sparks are unlikely with a gas fire pit, which means a snuffer cover isn’t necessary because the flame can be extinguished by a switch. In either case, however, a weather-proof, protective cover is a good idea when proper winterization is the goal.

Speak with a Fire Pit Contractor Near You

Look no further! Call today to begin your custom outdoor fire pit project and get the best winterization tips to help prevent rust, discoloration and other weather damage. We look forward to talking with you!

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