Avoid Split-wood Hazards with Proper Storage

Imagine enjoying an evening with family and friends gathered around a custom outdoor fireplace only to have someone sprain an ankle by tripping over a wood log lying nearby. A local firepit installer can recommend various types of log storage that keep an outdoor fireplace or firepit looking nice, as well as maximize home safety.

Custom fire pit contractors understand the importance of letting wood “ripen” before burning it in a fireplace. Wood that’s freshly cut is “green” and should be stored away until it has properly aged. Knowing where and how to stack and store outdoor fireplace wood is just as important as knowing how to clean and maintain a fireplace.

Local Fire Pit Installers Recommend these Wood Storage Options

The following list shows three storage options that many outdoor fireplace owners use:

  • A-frame firewood storage recepticles
  • Kindling dryer box
  • Stack house

These are three of the most popular ways to keep firewood away from the elements and allow for airing to avoid wood damage.

A-frame Firewood Storage Saves Space

Building an A-framed structure flush against a fence or wall is a perfect choice for homeowners with limited outdoor living space. This style blends nicely with homes that have classic roof lines.

Use a Kindling Dryer Box to Help Season Wood

A kindling dyer is good for storing large amounts of wood. Most racks are compartmentalized so most of the wood sits in the bottom, and a smaller amount sits on a top shelf for exposure to sunlight and air for drying.

A Custom Fire Pit Contractor Can Build a Stack House

Local fire pit installers often recommend high quality materials, as well as design and construct wood storage stack houses. When someone enters Googles the search phrase, “Find a fireplace contractor near me” it is often ask about wood storage options. A stack house may be enclosed like a shed or open on one side with a covered area over top.

Keeping fireplace wood away from the house and out of the elements helps properly store and season it. Call today to explore your outdoor fireplace and fire pit options!

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