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Are You Still in the Consideration Stage of Your Project?

As we move from season to season, we all dream of “what could be” if we did some home improvement. With a little creativity, your outdoor living space can be transformed into a warm and inviting haven, an escape for friends and family to congregate throughout the year. Imagine your new space decorated for the holidays and guests mingling in your new entertainment spot. Dreaming, is likely what got you searching the web and landed you here. So, let us first say “Welcome and we’re glad you’re here!” 

We understand that “dreaming about” and “ready to get started”, are not the same thing. If you have some ideas, but still have questions, don’t know where to begin, or are stuck in the consideration stage, COVIS has you covered.

Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, a custom patio or retaining walls, an outdoor kitchen poolside or a 3-season room, the possibilities of what you can design are limitless. That can feel a bit overwhelming and leave you with plenty of questions. Luckily, we’ve heard most of them and have compiled our suggestions for beginning this type of project as well as answers to questions running through your head right now.

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Above are some examples of the COVIS top-quality workmanship and beautifully designed spaces we’ve created. If you’re ready to discuss your project or have questions, please fill out the form on this page or HERE and someone will reach out for your FREE consultation. Let COVIS help turn your dream project into a reality today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Be Considering Before Making A Decision?

Recently, homeowners have been embracing more encompassing outdoor living spaces including everything from comfortable, all-weather furniture to full outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits, custom patios, screened porches, gazebos and more. Before diving in, we suggest you ask yourself a few questions first.

  1. What’s my budget? The options for an outdoor space are limitless, so be sure you know what you have to spend before getting carried away with plans.
  2. How much space do I have? Think about whether you are planning on using your entire outdoor space, or do you want to break it up between living spaces and decorative spaces.
  3. How do I envision myself using this space? While daily family activities are wonderful and a given with these types of spaces, perhaps you’d also like to begin entertaining large groups outdoors. Will your children use the space? Will this be a daytime or nighttime space – or both?
  4. What will the upkeep of this space entail? Can I hose it all down or will I need to bring in professional cleaners? If we opt for the higher-end appliances, will they need annual servicing? Will my custom patio need re-sealing, and if so, how often?

What Services Does COVIS Offer?

We are licensed for both Hardscaping and as a General Contractor. We offer 2-D sketches as part of our services at no charge. For more complex projects, we will refer a homeowner to a registered landscape designer for the design.

Here is a list of our most requested services, but please contact us if what you need isn’t listed:

  1. Hardscape Design – Residential & Commercial
  2. Outdoor Living Spaces
  3. Custom Patios
  4. Custom Fire Pits
  5. Custom Outdoor Fireplaces
  6. Outdoor Kitchens
  7. Outdoor Grill Islands
  8. Retaining Walls & Gardens
  9. Pathways & Walkways
  10. Driveways & Entrances
  11. Pool Decks
  12. Custom Stone Veneers
  13. Wood Decks
  14. Sunrooms & Screened Porches

What if We Belong to a Homeowners Association?

COVIS does assist homeowners with getting HOA approval. This typically consists of COVIS providing a sketch, showing the layout on a plot plan and showing the materials to be used. The homeowner is responsible for getting neighbors and other signatures that are required, as part of the approval process.

Are Permits Required for Outdoor Projects?

This depends. Currently, projects that do not involve structures may not. Pavers, flat work, and wood-burning features traditionally do not. If gas, plumbing or electricity must be run to a grill island or fire feature, then a permit would be required. For any structures being built, permits are required for the projects, and inspections are required along the construction process. COVIS will handle acquiring the permits and scheduling the inspections.

Does COVIS Hardscape Yards That Are Uneven?

Quite often, COVIS works on projects with unlevel yards. In these circumstances, we must build retaining walls to assist with proper grade and drainage issues. The COVIS rule of thumb is, flat work cannot exceed 1/8″ per foot of fall, to not be felt for proper furniture placement. We can also tier, with retaining walls, in really severe circumstances.

If Updating Existing Space, Can You Match the Decor?

COVIS does our best to match the existing colors and styles that are already on the home, in our Outdoor Living Projects (ODL) projects. Most homes built in the last 20 years have manufactured stone on them, and we do our best to identify those brands and styles. However, many companies are no longer around. As part of our process, the customer will sign off on a selection sheet for the materials that are going to be used on their specific project. It is much easier to identify natural stone. Pavers can also be matched with the understanding that many companies are no longer around, and anything that sits outside in the sunlight will fade over time.

Do You Handle Electricity, Lighting Fixtures and Decorative Pieces (water features etc.)?

COVIS oversees the installation of electrical appliances. We are not electricians, so we subcontract for the trades requiring permits. Plumbing, gas and electricity would all be subcontracted. What COVIS does install is low volt lighting. These lights enhance the Outdoor Living Project (ODL) and landscaping and only requires a transformer that plugs into an existing electrical socket. We also will suggest the homeowner buy their own fixtures, when applicable, if it helps them save money.

Do You Offer Discounts?

We try to offer discounts; repeat customer, veteran, first responder, etc… We don’t advertise discounts and handle them on a case-by-case basis. We do have seasonal “specials” we create to help with lowering costs to everyone. You can ask about these when you contact us to discuss your project.

Does COVIS Clean & Seal Existing Pavers?

Coming Soon: COVIS is working on creating a cleaning and “face-lift” service. Keep an eye out for this service.

COVIS does not seal pavers. We will power wash pavers to remove dirt, grime or algae and address polymeric sand where applicable, but we do not seal.

Does COVIS Install Fencing?

COVIS does not offer a fencing service, however, we do have industry partners we work with for fencing and can subcontract this out as part of a project.

What Landscaping Services Does COVIS Include With Projects?

Larger projects that require a grading service to move dirt or flatten larger areas, COVIS has industry partners we work with who have the larger equipment required and can subcontract this out as part of a project. These are determined on a case by case basis and will be discussed during your consultation.

What Types of Stone Does COVIS Work With?

COVIS works with manufactured stone veneer, natural stone (veneers and flag stone), patterned and irregular flag stone, travertine, porcelain pavers and concrete pavers. COVIS does not install concrete patios, driveways or sidewalks, but have industry partners we work with who have the larger equipment required and can subcontract this out as part of a project.

Does COVIS Only Work On Outside Projects?

COVIS does do work on the interior of houses. Adding stone around an interior fireplace, accent walls and back splashes in kitchens are all common projects.

Does COVIS Complete & Remove Any Demo Work?

Yes, COVIS will handle the demo on projects where we will be going back with something new or are updating a look.

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