If you need a walkway, patio, driveway, or pool decking you are wise to consider pavers. Pavers are more attractive than concrete, more affordable than natural stone, and can enhance almost any outdoor or covered space.

Put your trust in COVIS to help design, install, and maintain your paver hardscape. Our experienced crew leaders, and skilled patio building contractors will work with you to create an outdoor space you can be proud of… and your friends envious of.

Here’s 4 things you should know about pavers:

1. Variety of Choices: They can be installed almost anywhere and work with just about any style. We have designed traditional, contemporary, and modern outdoor spaces that utilize pavers for paths or patios.

2. Superior to Concrete: More attractive initially, pavers are not prone to cracking so they age much better as well and are easier to maintain and fix that large sections of concrete. Concrete is also more susceptible to staining if a drink spills.

3. Higher Cost. Higher Reward: You already know and expect a higher price per square foot when considering pavers, depending primarily on the paver chosen, size of project, and site conditions. But, you also know they will be stunning to guests and your family every time you walk out onto our creation.

4. Design Enhancements: Many paver patio installations can be boring squares and rectangles, installed by following a “system”. But, incorporating natural stone and playing with shapes and contours we can make pavers functional and inspirational. This allows COVIS patio builders to make truly unique projects every time.

Ready to discuss your paver driveway or custom patio project with the COVIS hardscaping team? Get in touch with us today for your free, on site consultation to learn more about why pavers are the right choice for your backyard project!

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