Landscape lighting may include spotlights, path lights, area lights, patio lights, or more. Frequently they are low voltage systems (often called 12 volt or 12V lighting systems), although occasionally line voltage (referred to as 110 volt or 120V). Lighting fixtures may be built to recede into the landscape, or they may be ornamental and prominently displayed.

There are many reasons homeowners choose to add lighting to their home or patio. We’ll explain some of the top reasons that you may wish to consider when planning your next outdoor living space project.

Deck & Patio Lighting Is a Must for Enjoyable Late Nights Outside

By far the most common request we receive is to add lights to a patio project; in fact, we design all our patios to include some kind of lighting. The most common type of lighting is undercap lighting; this light fixture is glued into the wall or pillars under the cap block. We use specialized lighting exclusively for this with LED fixtures that is a very warm white.

Another common patio lighting technique is to add pier lanterns on pillars. There are many styles and materials to choose from, like solid copper, powder coated steel, and others. These fixtures give your patio an amazing pop of light for safety, visibility, ambiance and elegance!

Improve Safety with Walkway Lighting

Many times a patio or outdoor living area is connected to the driveway for easy access for arriving guests. Path lights provide a safe, welcoming entrance and serve equally well on the walkway leading to your front door.

Deter criminal activity. In general, any kind of lighting will help deter intruders simply because they can be spotted more easily. A well lit home invites the right kind of company, and deters the unwanted guests!

Enhance Architectural Details

This can include a wide variety of features. Stone veneer, columns, reverse gables, and pergolas are all examples of features that can be highlighted with landscape lighting. Well lights (which are recessed into the ground) or spotlights (which are typically mounted on a stake) are most commonly used. At this project, we used a spotlight to light the reverse gable, and well lights to highlight the corners of the home.

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