Boost Outdoor Entertaining Appeal with a Custom Backyard Fireplace

Hardscaping in Cary NC typically includes custom-designed, professionally installed outdoor fireplaces. There are numerous options for style, color, texture and price level. Some people enjoy an outdoor fireplace as a cozy respite after a busy day. Others use theirs as an outdoor cooking space where they can prepare, serve and enjoy a meal with loved ones and friends. Choosing a style is the first step toward creating a backyard oasis that inspires social gatherings, late night chats and many opportunities for making memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose a Style that Fits Backyard Size and Style

For those with ample outdoor space, a custom outdoor fireplace with built-in seating and wood storage is a popular style. Simple benches surrounding a portable fireplace is a logical choice for backyards of limited size. Another key factor in creating a custom outdoor fireplace is choosing whether to use a gas-fueled model or a wood-burning structure. Some people love the crackling sounds and rich aroma of burning wood. Others would rather do without the sight or smell of smoke.

Outdoor fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes, as well. From a circular design to a more traditional rectangular structure, a Cary hardscaper can install a fireplace with openings on both sides or one. Options are also available for low fireplaces, which is a great choice for anyone concerned that a tall chimney might block a scenic view.

A Custom Outdoor Fireplace Contractor in Cary Understands Safety

The style, size and placement of an outdoor fireplace can reduce fire hazards. A Cary hardscaper can assess a specific property in order to test wind patterns and locate any hanging limbs or nearby brush that may increase the risk of fire. Various styles of stone, steel or other materials perform differently under high temperatures. A custom outdoor fireplace contractor in Cary can help make sure a particular design is up to code and low risk for fire hazards.

Hardscaping in Cary NC is easy with an experienced design and installation team on your side. Call today!

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