Let the Outdoor Entertainment Begin!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about summer! Apex residents spend lots of time outdoors all year ’round, but especially during summer months when the sun is bright and temperate climate is perfect for sports, grilling, gardening or just hanging out with family and friends. Thinking ahead and making sure all hardscape areas are properly maintained and prepped saves time and means less work will be needed when summer arrives.

The following list shows three main topics to help ensure an outdoor living space is in tip top shape and ready for summer:

  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Reorganization and updates

While it isn’t necessary to follow these tips in any particular order, the order in which they’re listed here is the best way to prep a backyard hardscape for summer.

Make Sure the Yard and Property are Clean and Cleared of Debris

Set time aside to walk around the property, checking for any leaves, trash or debris that have cluttered a hardscape area. Not only does trash or debris look messy, it can also pose a safety hazard when the yard is in use. Apex NC hardscapers know that making sure everything is clean and all accessories, firewood, etc., are properly stored makes the next prep step easier as well.

Take Care of Needed Repairs as Soon as Possible

Checking to see if anything needs repaired is another important summer prep step for a backyard hardscape design, and making sure everything is neat and clean first makes it easier to spot damaged areas. Have any fireplace stones, walkways, retaining walls or patios suffered cracks or breakage from winter elements? Is there a slope or hillside with erosion damage?

An Apex NC Hardscaper Can Help with Repairs and Updates

The final step to prep a backyard hardscape for summer is to make needed repairs and updates. This is when many homeowners ask, “Is there a hardscaping contractor near me?” A local patio builder can replace paver stones or design and install a whole new hardscape project, including a custom outdoor kitchen, pool deck, firepit and more! Call our local patio builders to help get ready for summer!

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