Whether you are building a new backyard pool or remodeling the deck of an existing pool, stone pavers are the way to go!  Stone pavers can make the area around your swimming pool durable, safe and beautiful.  We believe stone is an excellent option, if not the best, for pool deck surfaces.  Here are some reasons why a stone pool deck could be the right choice for your pool.

Stone Pavers Are Durable and Functional

Stone pavers are extremely durable and do not break easily, making them the perfect option for a pool deck surface.  Pool decks built from stone pavers will last longer than the alternatives.  Water, chemicals, sun, salt and the weather can destroy deck surfaces, but many stone pavers are manufactured to resist damage. While poured concrete and wood can crack, split and shift as it ages, pavers are made to endure the test of time.

They can hold up to changes in temperature, inclement weather and constant use.  In between each paving stone is a special sand filler.  This type of sand holds the pavers in place while giving them the flexibility to expand and retract during weather changes.

One of the many benefits of a paver pool deck is that you can replace one or several stones without disturbing the rest of the space.  With traditional concrete slab decks, the options for replacement are limited.  Fixing any utility issues or underground line leaks is virtually impossible without cutting the concrete and re-pouring in the problem area, which can turn into an eye soar.  With stone pavers, you don’t have to worry about tearing up your entire concrete pool deck.  This means that accessing any underground utilities can be done with relative ease.

As far as keeping your pool deck looking clean, stone is much easier.  Tile decks are beautiful, but they require regular upkeep at the grout lines.  Concreate decks are much more likely to show stains.

Stone Is Safer

When it comes to pools, safety is always top priority.  Tile, concrete and brick can be very slippery when wet.  When your children are running to jump into the swimming pool, the last thing you want is for them to slip and fall.  Stone pavers have textures preventing them from becoming slippery when wet.  This is extremely important for families with children and is one benefit that is sometimes be overlooked.

Stone Pavers Add Beauty and Design

In addition to being durable and safe, pavers are visually appealing.  Stone pavers provide countless design options while giving you the ability to create a striking focal point for your yard.  Stone adds a touch of rustic beauty that is both timeless and elegant.  The assortment of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors available means you will easily find the right look to fit your yard.

Don’t settle for the dull, dreary, gray concrete traditionally seen around older pools.  By simply adding a walkway to your pool area, you can create an appealing, interesting and welcoming environment.  You can extend your pool deck and create a paver patio for lounging and even include an outdoor kitchen.

Whether you have a unique pool shape or the traditional oval or rectangle, adding pavers will improve the overall look of your backyard landscape.  Adding stone to a pool deck can increase the resale value of your home as well as create an impressive aesthetic you cannot achieve with traditional pool deck surfaces.


Make this summer one to remember!  Start by installing beautiful, durable and safe pavers around your pool deck for your family to spend their afternoons lounging on.  Transform your pool into a breathtaking, appealing entertainment space for family and friends to enjoy!

Call to schedule your free consultation to begin designing your new stone pool deck today!  At COVIS, our talented designers and hardscape professionals are committed to bringing your vision in stone to life.

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