A few years ago, my wife and I decided to upgrade our backyard and add a fire pit.  I had been dreaming about what the design would look like and all of the memories we would make for a long time.  When spending time outside in our backyard, our family had always spent time either on our fairly small back porch or by a make shift fire pit I created in the back corner of the yard.  It was the stereotypical camp fire set up with large rocks I dug up from the woods behind our neighborhood with bright colored fold up camping chairs.  It wasn’t the most stylish outdoor living space, however, we made the best out of what we had and could afford at the time.   Every Friday night, when the weather was nice, the kids would set up the chairs, I would bring out all of the essentials to start a fire and my wife would be inside prepping s’mores.  We made some wonderful memories by our little campfire but I always envisioned adding a proper fire pit to our patio to create the perfect outdoor sitting area.

As the kids got older, I knew it was time to pull out money from our savings to invest in our backyard.  The perfect outdoor fire pit was in sight!  A friend of mine had mentioned COVIS to me previous and said they had a great experience with adding a stone sidewalk to their front yard.  So, I gave them a call.

I was immediately blown away by how helpful the staff was when explaining the process and assisting with bringing my ideas to life through their design software.  We worked together to create the vision in stone that my wife and I had always dreamt of.

Installation was a breeze!  The COVIS team came in and built our new backyard patio quicker than we had anticipated, which was great.  Just in time to enjoy it for the fall.  Once the installation was complete, it was time to turn our humble little campfire corner into a natural area.  I am not going to lie; I was a little sad when I went to return the now black charred rocks to the woods.  However, that night, while sitting by our new fire pit with my family, I knew we had an even better place to make memories.  The convenience of taking a few steps out of the back door to take a seat next to a nice warm fire instead walking all the way to the back corner of the yard is nice.  It is also very nice knowing that we have an outdoor space to enjoy that is adding value to our home.

Lastly, my family and I want to thank the entire team at COVIS for helping us create our vision in stone.



One Very Happy Customer


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