Designing the perfect outdoor space for your home requires extensive research and consideration. After all, the family will spend hours enjoying your set-up, whether it’s a warm summer evening at the table or a comfortable fall afternoon around the fire pit. One of the first decisions in planning an outdoor living space is the choice between a patio or a deck. Both offer unique benefits to homeowners, and with some consultation from the team at COVIS, this decision will seem straightforward and less of a burden.

Below are some details about which option might work for your space.

Benefits of a Patio

  • Privacy – Because decks are usually on a raised platform, sometimes family activities can be spotted above the fence line. If you prefer a more private outdoor setting, a patio is the right choice.
  • Cost – Usually, a deck’s installation will cost more than a stone patio, depending on the materials.
  • Maintenance – Patios also cost less money over time because homeowners won’t need to regularly seal them. Stone and pavers are among the most durable materials to build a patio.

Benefits of a Deck

  • Terrain – A deck can be installed regardless of the surrounding landscape, whether it’s a hill, an ocean, or a rocky setting.
  • Heat – If the deck is in direct sunlight, guests won’t risk burning their feet on a hot surface. However, an untreated wooden deck can also dry out and splinter feet.
  • View – If you need a better view of a scenic landscape, a raised deck is the perfect solution.

COVIS specializes in bringing homeowners custom hardscapes designed to their exact specifications. Give us a call for a consultation about your options.

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