The classic family backyard evokes images of a sprawling lawn, a stylish patio set, and a smoking grill. But in this initial vision, many forget the groundwork for their outdoor space—the patio. Hardscaping sets the tone for the yard’s entire atmosphere. It carries the mood of a home to the outdoors, blending the presence of nature with the personality of the homeowner. This is why a larger patio, one built to support a popular outdoor space, is essential. Here are a few reasons to opt for a larger patio when planning your hardscaping project in Raleigh or across the Triangle Area:

Entertainment: If you enjoy having guests over, a larger patio is the perfect way to accommodate them. With plenty of space, parties or gatherings will never feel cramped.

Climate: The best way to enjoy North Carolina’s temperate climate is with a comfortable outdoor space that includes essential backyard amenities. From a grill to a fire pit to a lounging area, larger patios have space for everything.

Style: With more space, homeowners have more room for designing the patio to match their tastes. Every element of exterior decorating can be incorporated to establish the perfect tone.

To learn more about hardscaping and patio design options in Raleigh or across the Triangle Area, contact the team at COVIS Stone. We’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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