If the idea of a backyard s’more party under the stars isn’t enough to spark your interest, here are six other reasons why you’ll be absolutely thrilled to have a fire pit in your back yard.

  1. You can keep those Summer vibes going (all year long!)

Summer is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. But if you have lived in the Raleigh area for any length of time, you know that the warm weather is fleeting. Colder temperatures always seem to be right around the corner, threatening to end those wonderful, leisurely, sun-kissed days.

There’s an easy way to prolong use of your back yard and enjoy the good times long past summer’s end. Install a beautiful firepit in your back yard!

Unlike most of your other backyard features, a fire pit can be a source of enjoyment even when you’re deep in the midst of the winter months. Pull up those Adirondack chairs, wrap yourself in a cozy, thick blanket, and enjoy the warmth of a blazing hot fire. You’ll want to prepare hot cocoa beforehand because there’s no better time for sipping hot drinks than when you’re in front of a fire!

  1. Your friends and relatives will be insanely jealous.

Everyone loves a fire to gather ‘round but not everyone follows through on having a beautiful firepit built in their yard. With your very own firepit, your home becomes a mecca for friends and family members who seek the universal pleasures of an outdoor fire. No matter the season, your back yard can become the hub of entertainment for everyone you know.

  1. Your Back Yard Becomes the Ultimate Retreat from the World

The funny thing about fire pits is they play so many roles. While they offer instant entertainment value at a moment’s notice whenever anyone drops by, they also offer you a retreat from the chaos of the world. Daily stress melts away the minute you focus on a slow-burning flame or a roaring fire. Some people meditate but others sit in front of a fire!

  1. Fire Pits come in all kinds of styles and price points.

There’s a fire pit for every backyard oasis no matter what your style or budget.

  • Patio fire pits. If you live in a townhome or a city property with a tiny patio, it’s possible you can still have a fire pit (check with your HOA or neighborhood first!). There are styles which are completely contained within a small area and hardly take up any acreage at all.
  • Fire pit rings. Circular in shape and constructed of stone, a fire pit ring is one of the simplest options for your outdoor setting. Homeowners who choose this option often coordinate the stone fire pit ring with other stone elements in their outdoor living area for a gorgeous, cohesive, and stately look.
  • Raised fire pits. Another option that’s ideal for small backyard spaces or patios is the raised fire pit. Made of stone and elevated a foot or two from the ground, they’re also a good option when it comes to safety.
  • Gas fire pits. Enjoy the cozy warmth of a live flame but without the hassle, the mess, and the possibility of sparks when you have a gas-powered fire pit. In fact, there are quite a few advantages of a gas fire pit… so many that we decided they need their own section…
  1. You can opt for a no-hassle, clean-and-simple gas fire pit.

As we mentioned just above, there are many advantages to choosing a gas fire pit over one that’s powered by wood. First, of course, it’s incredibly convenient. Secondly, gas is clean. There are no piles of ash to clean up afterward like there are when you burn wood or coal or any other organic material.

Here are some other advantages of a gas-burning fire pit:

  • You’ll love their great appearance. They always look clean and new because there’s no smoke residue to build up.
  • You’ll appreciate their low maintenance. The secondary benefit of a gas fire pit’s lack of smoke and ash is that there’s very little you’ll have to clean up. There’s also no coal residue, which can quickly accumulate on your patio or your outdoor furniture and leave a black tint to everything. Less to clean and maintain means more time for enjoying your back yard! And starting up your pit is simply a matter of turning a knob or a key.
  • You can REALLY relax. A gas fire never needs stoking, the way a wood fire does. Just sit back and relax, sink down into your outdoor seating and forget about the world for an evening. Your gas fire pit will keep up the cozy atmosphere for as long as you like!
  • You’ll be thankful for their superior safety. Because there are no sparks and no smoke, people with pets or children will feel better about enjoying their gas fire pit. Plus, you have complete control over how large or tiny the flame will be.
  1. You get to show off your creative style.

Stone fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Let your creative side take over and design a pit that complements all your existing backyard features.

The folks here at Covis are trained in designing beautiful fire pits that work with any kind of existing outdoor elements. A beautiful, thoughtfully-designed fire pit can even add value to your home as well as create a long-lasting focal point for you to enjoy for decades. Give us a call and we can help you envision a stone fire pit in your back yard. Be sure to ask about the different types of stone we use to ensure the right look for your property.

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