You don’t have to stay inside to enjoy beautifully designed surroundings that were created just for you. Having a professional come in and custom design a gorgeous outdoor space that’s just for your property and your lifestyle means your yard can be as inviting — and unique — as your living room.

A Custom Driveway and Entrance for Huge Curb Appeal

It’s no simple matter to create a driveway that looks good and functions well to make your life easier. If there’s one area where an expert can really make a difference, it’s with the design of your driveway and the area that surrounds it. It’s hard for an untrained eye to imagine what can be done but you’d be surprised at what can be done!

We can use retaining walls, stone patios, walkways, and architectural planters to camouflage and redesign an otherwise drab, boring driveway that dominates your yard. It’s just a matter of putting our creativity and experience to work, creating a custom plan for your home.

A Custom Patio for Endless Entertaining

Your outdoor kitchen demands a custom design job, too. A pro can help you make a cohesive look out of all those different elements of your outdoor dining area such as the outdoor oven, the table and chairs, and bar area or sink… so it ends up looking like a true outdoor living space, not a collection of objects and appliances!

And if you have a small yard, that’s even more reason to go custom. A built-in stone bench, for example, can save seating space in your outdoor kitchen because it doesn’t require extra chairs to seat more people on a bench. If your home has a stone foundation or facade, you could work in an adjoining patio with a custom-designed matching bench that continues around the entire patio. Then add steps that lead down to your yard, made of the same masonry materials for an integrated look.  

A Custom Pool Area for Resort-Style Lounging

Why have just a swimming pool when you can enjoy the ambiance of a Caribbean resort? A beautiful stone patio can be designed to integrate with architecturally diverse elements to give height and depth to your pool area. Imagine a pergola just off the south end of your pool. The pergola could incorporate natural stone materials for a modern look that blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings.

A Custom Garden Plan for Your Deck

A deck becomes a virtual haven with the simple addition of a raised garden. Framing your deck with a strong, sturdy wall of waist-high, built-in planters both defines the space and gives you an inspiring natural space in which to plant anything you like. Create a wall of color, plant small evergreens for a sleek, modern look, or even go with a vegetable garden if you have limited space.

An experienced pro can help you by assessing your deck’s layout, its structural integrity, and the surrounding landscape. They’ll be able to tell you if a retaining wall will be necessary, and the best materials from which to build your new stone planters for your deck.

Get Help With Your Yard

If you’re yearning to turn your ho-hum yard into a stunning oasis that reflects your style and matches your needs exactly, it might be time to consider a custom design job. We’ve got ideas like these plus endless variations designed around your unique space. Give us a call and together, we can come up with a plan to transform your yard into your favorite spot in the world.

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