We’re gearing up for one of the best events of the year. Here’s why we’re so excited for this year’s Downtown Raleigh Home Show. 

Home shows come and go but some stand out as truly exciting events that we wouldn’t miss for the world. The Downtown Raleigh Home Show is one of them. There are the usual giveaways, designer showrooms, and cash-and-carry deals that make every show a lot of fun, but the DRHS has something a little special that gives it a distinct competitive edge over the others…

Kevin O’Connor!!!!

We’re So Excited About the Keynote Speaker!

Kevin O’Connor is the host of one of our favorite shows: This Old House. It’s a classic and if you may have even heard of the show’s original host (Bob Vila) even if you’ve never actually watched an episode. Starting in the late 1970s, at the height of the “old home renovation craze”, he was the guru of DIY home projects. With an eye toward preserving craftsmanship that characterizes the U.S. homes of yesteryear, Mr. Vila combined practical advice with a love for historical architecture that captured the imaginations and home renovation dreams of entire generations. 

Well, thirty years later, Mr. O’Connor is just as inspiring as the show’s new host. We can’t wait to see him speak at the Downtown Raleigh Home Show in February. He’ll be the keynote speaker and if his work on This Old House as well as Ask This Old House is any indication of what’s to come, he promises to deliver great things for all who attend. 

A TV Show That Has Inspired Generations to Work with Stone

This Old House has a long history of highlighting the amazingly beautiful things you can do with stone around your property. From the classic elegance of a long-lasting bluestone stone patio to the creative, inspired designs made possible with pavers, This Old House has done countless projects that not only beautify America’s homes but also increase curb appeal and their value. We especially love it when they transform the front of a property using a combination of retaining walls, pavers, and landscaping… definite curb appeal upgrades every time!

Recently, the show has featured Fire Pits, Stone Patios, and all kinds of amazing, inspiring ideas for outdoor living spaces and patios. We love to pour over their Yard Before-and-After photos, too. There can never be too much inspiration when we’re drafting custom plans for our clients, after all!

There are More Speakers to Get Excited About

In addition to Kevin O’Connor, the Downtown Raleigh Home Show will also feature these speakers during the three-day event:

  • HGTV’s Tyler Wisler. Mr. Tyler is a designer who’s appeared on “Design Star”, “Good Morning America”, and “George to the Rescue”.
  • Faye Prosser. Ms. Prosser is a smart spending expert who also appears on TV.
  • Rhonda Benvie, an interior designer. 

What are You Doing the Weekend After Valentine’s Day?

So remember, the DRHS starts the day after Valentine’s Day and goes all weekend for three days starting Friday, February 15. We’ll be there, and if you make it there too, come by and see us at Booth 225. Until then, keep planning your springtime backyard projects and remember: COVIS is always here to help you make your backyard dreams come true. You can even schedule a consultation now to get a running start.

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