What’s so great about a smokeless firepit? Pretty much everything. If you haven’t heard of these ingenious little wonders of the patio, welcome to a whole new set of cozy options for your backyard gatherings. Different from a traditional firepit in so many ways, here’s what people are loving about smokeless firepits right now.

1. They Look Great – Really Great

If you’re like some people, the idea of a traditional wood-burning firepit is a bit… rustic. If they’re not built by a professional, they can look messy and unsophisticated. While that’s just fine for some types of yards, it’s just not a look that every homeowner likes.

If you’re going for an upscale look on your patio, a traditional firepit can be hard to work in stylistically unless you’re ready for a major hardscaping project.

Enter the smokeless firepit, an easy solution for a high-end look to your backyard “decor”. Some have a clean, modern-looking powder-coated finish with stainless steel and glass features. Even the rim of the fire ring can be stylized to give it the high-end look of a luxury item.

Some people go so far as to color-coordinate their smokeless firepit to match their outdoor furniture! The rim glass comes in beautiful shades, including dark blue, gray, brown, black, or clear.

2. They’re ‘Smokeless’!

Think back to the last time you were gathered around a campfire. There’s inevitably some annoying smoke that chases you away or makes you stand back. Not with these ‘Smoke Less’ firepits.

Smokeless firepits use smoke reduction technology so you can enjoy the fire and the cozy warmth without being hassled by all the smoke that typically pours out of a traditional campfire. There’s still a tiny bit of smoke (they’re not quite smoke-free) but the amount is significantly less.

3. You Can Sear Steaks Like the Steakhouses Do

Smokeless firepits have secondary combustion features that make for a super hot cooking surface… far hotter than a traditional campfire! That means you can heat up the grill to steak-searing levels and enjoy the taste of premium steakhouse steaks right at home.

4. You Can Take Them With You When You Go Camping

Some smokeless firepits are so convenient they can be easily lifted and transported in your vehicle to anywhere you’d like to enjoy a smokeless campfire or gourmet outdoor cooking experience. Some weigh less than 65 pounds! It means you can enjoy gourmet meals cooked over an outdoor fire anywhere you happen to be… even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

5. They Can be Inserted Right Over Your Existing Stone Fire Pit

If you already have a stone fire ring, you can slip a smokeless firepit right into that existing space. That saves you time and money when it comes to updating your outdoor living space. It also affords you all the benefits of the smokeless firepit plus all the benefits of keeping your existing setup.

6. The Attachments are Very Exciting

Smokeless firepits come with a full range of exciting accessories that will inspire you to create incredible meals outdoors. From a swing-away grill to a griddle to a kettle winch, you’re going to have a lot of fun exploring new ways to cook over your smokeless firepit.

7. Your Hair Won’t Smell Like Smoke When the Party’s Over

Since there is far less smoke than with a traditional fire pit, you won’t have smoke infiltrating your hair, your clothes, and whatever else is nearby, like furniture.

Like what you’re hearing? We can tell you more! Stop by the shop or call us today to learn about these amazing ‘smoke less’ firepits.


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