For a garden that matches the beauty of your home, it’s important to include architectural features like stonework in your plans. They’re just as important as the plants, flowers, and trees and they don’t have to be complicated at all!

You’ve worked hard to create a lush garden whose bounty brings you joy each season. Now it’s time to spruce things up and turn your bountiful acreage into something that’s picture-perfect as well. We recommend the timeless effect of stonework. It provides contrast to your greenery and restores order to your yard as well.

Here are three simple ways that homeowners are using stonework to elevate the look of their gardens. Picture your own garden with a bit of stonework and it too can become breathtaking.

  1. A Delineating Wall for Your Eating Area

Let’s face it: if you have a working garden, you probably don’t want vegetables to take over your entire outdoor area. A stonework wall can help you literally carve out some space for relaxing or entertaining so you can have it all.

Some people choose to incorporate a dining area into their garden but others prefer a more structured look. To keep your outdoor dining set separate from your garden, a bit of stonework architecture can do the trick. Have your hardscaping company design a functional wall that not only divides the space but also blends in with existing stonework for a unified look.

  1. A Garden Path With Grass Joints

One of the many uses for a garden, beyond growing plants, is having a place to slow down and relax. A stonework pathway signals all who enter your garden, “it’s time to wind down and relax”. With grass joints softening the look and giving your garden an updated feel, it’s simply impossible to ignore that message.

One tip, if you like to stroll your garden as a couple, is to make the pathway wide enough to be comfortable for two. The couple that strolls together stays together!

  1. A Backdrop for Your Reading Nook

What’s a garden without a few places for sitting and having a good read? A reading nook is an ultimate indulgence, especially when your back yard is relatively small. But a cute, cozy nook with a metal settee is worth every square inch of space it occupies. Just looking at a such an enchanting sight will inspire you to read more!

For a gorgeous backdrop, how about a stone wall covered in ivy? It’s both beautiful and fitting since it lends a collegiate, bookish vibe to your garden.

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If you liked these ideas for incorporating a stonework project into your garden, we’ve got tons more like them. We’re in the business of designing custom hardscape projects for Raleigh-area homeowners, so we’ve built an impressive repertoire of skills and experience with stonework projects like these.

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