Custom Driveways & Entrances

Custom brick, stone, cobblestone, flagstone paver, private roads or cement driveways make an instant visual impact when arriving at a residence. At COVIS, we offer some of the best driveway design and paving services. With expert designers and pavers at both of our primary locations in Raleigh, NC, contact us today for a free consultation and quote for your driveway project.


Our custom driveway design and paving boosts curb appeal of Raleigh homes, seamlessly tying together outside living space elements and the overall aesthetic of the house. Our paved driveways require very little maintenance, with the ability to bear more weight than many concrete driveways and never cracking due to the way stones “flex” to accommodate pressure and weight. If settling or displacement occurs in our natural paving stones, the paved driveway can be easily repaired by our experts at COVIS.



Our Raleigh paved driveways and private roads are built for durability, support, and strength, with the paving process reflecting our commitment to excellence and quality throughout every step of installation. These steps include:

  • Remove existing driveway:  break up and clear the current concrete or other driveway material.

  • Prepare the sub-base:  made of ABC stone and screen material about 8 1/4″ inch deep, the base preparation is key to the strength and integrity of the paved driveway.

  • Install paving stone:  laying the stones down and fitting them perfectly to ensure an even, attractive surface.

  • Apply polymeric sand  to the spaces between each paver, stabilizing and interlocking the paving stones.

  • Install concrete edging to the outer edges of the paved driveway for a clean, finished look.

If you’re looking for the best Raleigh, NC driveway pavers to install a new paved stone driveway, call COVIS for consultation and pricing. Our management team has 30 years of combined experience as driveway pavers and working in the hardscape industry.