Trend #1 – Year-round enjoyment

One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is the shift towards a year-round mentality.  You don’t have to wait until warmer months to take advantage of your outdoor living space.  Fire features are still very popular and a wonderful way to bring the family together during all times of the year.  Homeowners are transforming their backyards into outdoor living spaces that can be used at all times of the year.

Trend #2 – Bring the indoors outside

Blurring the lines between the inside of your home to an outdoor living space is a trend that continues grow.  By creating a seamless transition from inside to an outdoor living area allows the ability to give guests the same comfort and convenience outside that is found inside.

Natural stone pavers are still very popular and designs have a big influence on outdoor living spaces.  For example, using pavers in different shapes and styles helps to create the feeling of separate outdoor rooms, just as different living spaces inside your home.  At the gathering and receptions areas you may have one design with a different pattern at the fireplace area to give the feeling of outdoor rooms.

Applying this trend to an outdoor patio design will only help to ensure that the space is used time and time again.

Trend #3 – Simple functional design

Lastly, capitalizing on available outdoor space by creating functional entertaining areas with minimal upkeep is a trend seen throughout many designs this year.  Creating the perfect outdoor patio that utilizes the space will ensure that living area will be used routinely.  The last thing people want to worry about is maintaining their yards.  Designing an outdoor living space that has low maintenance with maximum functionality will make any homeowner excited about coming home.

Begin designing your new outdoor living space with COVIS today. Call to schedule your free consultation and get ready for year-round enjoyment that brings the indoors outside with functionality and simplicity.

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