1. Upgrade the front of your home with a custom stone veneer.

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    Your home deserves to stand out amongst your neighbors’ houses. Add a custom stone veneer to the front of your home to make your home look like a piece of art. Pick from different color and patterns of stone and let the professionals at COVIS help you design the new face to your home.

  2. Transform your backyard into a place of gathering by creating an outdoor living area.

    1 covisAre you the entertainer of the neighborhood? Improve your party space by transforming your backyard into a place that will ‘wow’ your guests! Add a hardscape patio, fireplace, outdoor kitchen and bar to take your dinner parties to the next level.

  3. Warm up your home with a fireplace or firepit.

    1 covisCozy up by the fire with your loved ones with a new hardscape indoor or outdoor fireplace and firepit. Roast marshmallows in style and create memories that last a lifetime.

  4. Create a beautiful entrance to your home with a custom designed driveway.

    1 covisGive yourself a grand entryway to your home with a hardscape driveway or entrance to your home. You will see an instant boost of the value of your home with this addition.

  5. Add dimension to your bright and blooming garden with a retaining wall.

    1 covisLandscaping is a very important part of making the outside of your home eye-catching! Take your landscaping to the next level with a hardscape retaining wall for your garden. This creates dimension and curb appeal that will bring more life to your picture-perfect yard.

  6. Fill your backyard with fun for the whole family with a patio or pool deck.

    1 covisEnjoy every season of the year with a hardscaped patio and/or pool deck! This addition will bring family together. Add a place to hang out by the pool while the kids are splashing around on a summer day!

Our team at COVIS is dedicated to these visions in stone. We are trained professionals that can help you enhance the beauty and feeling of your home. Call today and learn more about what we can do for your home! Set up a free consultation to start your journey in enhancing the value of your home.

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