With the 2018 Southern Ideal Home Show coming up this weekend, we thought we would share the advantages of buying at a home show.  Below are four reasons why you should consider making your next home purchase at this weekend’s home show.

Discounts On Quality Products & Services

We all love a great deal but sometimes it isn’t clear where or when to find the best one.  Home shows are a great place to take advantage of some amazing deals.  Exhibitors at shows often have special offers or sales that are exclusive to the attendees of shows.  These exhibitors have had to invest money in order to be there.  This creates a great incentive for them to give their best possible price, which provides an ideal buying environment for the customer.  Buying at a home show ensures that you are getting a quality product or service since exhibitors have been vetted by show organizers through some sort of application process.  Home shows provide the opportunity to speak and buy directly from retailers, all while saving you money!

COVIS is offering Spring Home Show specials this weekend at the Southern Ideal Home Show.  Come by and see us so that you can save on your upcoming hardscape project!

Meet Experts & Entire Staff

A huge benefit to buying at a home show is having the ability to get advice from many experts.  Whether you need some quick advice from a stage presentation or more in-depth assistance from an exhibitor, home shows are a great place to get the answers you are looking for.  In any buying situation, especially one in which you are investing money back into your home, you always want to have as much information as possible.  Attending a home show gives you the chance to dive in and really understand what your needs are for any upcoming projects that you have.  Having the opportunity to speak with skilled individuals and meet multiple representatives at an exhibitors’ booth gives the customer more peace of mind throughout any project.

Chris Simpson and Marc Genest, owners of COVIS, have over 20 years of experience in hardscaping and will be on hand this weekend to answer your questions.  This will be a great opportunity to have all of your hardscaping questions answered!

One Stop Shop

When looking to make improvements or a purchase for your home it takes a lot of time.  Having to meet with multiple people and companies about one project could take weeks.  Home shows are great for giving attendees the chance to find everything they are looking for under one roof.  For example, you are planning to add a beautiful backyard stone patio with a fire pit.  Instead of having to schedule meetings with us at COVIS for the stonework, then an outdoor furniture retailer and finally a designer for your landscaping, you can meet everyone in one day at one location!  You are able to save money and time when attending a home show.

This weekend is the perfect time to start planning your vision in stone with COVIS.  Let us help you turn your backyard into an outdoor living space.


Home shows are not just about the latest trends in home living.  They also feature many fun activities and exhibits for everyone.  Being able to participate in workshops, enjoy delicious wine tastings, meet your favorite TV personalities or enter to win from one of the many contests and promotions makes home shows a great place to enjoy with family and friends.  There always seems to be a wonderful sense of fun and community at every home show we have been a part of.  It is always nice to have fun when making purchases for your home!

We always love meeting new people or seeing old friends at home shows!  Come by the COVIS booth this weekend to learn more about how we Create Outdoor Visions In Stone!

COVIS will be at the Southern Ideal Home Show, April 6 – 8, at the NC State Fairgrounds.  Come meet the entire COVIS team and take advantage of our home show special!

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