Custom Outdoor Grill Island

Built in Grills for Patios are Trending

Our Holly Springs outdoor grill contractors have a behind-the-scenes view of which hardscape designs are most popular among our clients. A built in grill for your patio would bring you up to date with current trends and help you take outdoor entertaining to the next level.

Our Holly Springs outdoor grill contractors have everything you need to create a custom outdoor grill island that seamlessly blends with your natural surroundings and gives your outdoor living area a whole new look and feel.

Many Options to Choose from for a Custom Outdoor Grill Island

Our experienced designers and craftsmen will help you create a one-of-a-kind patio grill island that has the full functionality of an indoor kitchen while providing all the amenities of entertaining in the open air. Choose high quality, durable materials that resist heat and scratching. Choose control features that enable precision cooking. There’s no need to have to trade practicality for style. We’ll design a custom grill that’ll make you feel like a master chef in your own backyard!

Whether you prefer a simple, classic design or a modern, high-tech style that includes countertops, warming trays and more, we’ll work closely with you to design an outdoor kitchen area that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

Build an Outdoor Living Area that Wows Your Guests

Our outdoor contracting team has the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship needed to create a hardscape design that will make your home feel like a favorite resort! Let’s get started on your next project!

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