Many businesses incorporate beautiful hardscape designs in their properties to make their business more visually dynamic and accessible.  Commercial hardscapes add beauty, form and functionality to the organizational environment.  They provide spaces to meet, think, travel and enjoy the surroundings of the property. They can improve not only the aesthetics of a commercial site, but also the productivity and morale of employees.  Commercial hardscapes make a corporate environment more inviting and stimulating for occupants and visitors alike.

Hardscape design and construction refers to the man-made features that enhance landscapes.  Walkways or staircases that create a beautiful entrance to a property, stone patios to meet or eat lunch and custom stone veneers to make a structure more inviting are just a few of the possibilities when looking to add hardscaping to a commercial property.  

Other hardscape designs, such as landscape lighting to highlight focal areas and retaining walls for privacy or seating, help make your commercial property more functional.  Another popular trend for commercial properties is to create an outdoor space for company gathers with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Professional commercial hardscape design and installation can truly transform a property into a place prospective clients will want to visit more frequently, while enriching the property for years to come.

You may already have an idea for your commercial hardscape design. The features you want to add or the feelings you want the space to evoke.  Whatever you have in mind for your business, our experts at COVIS can formulate a design that incorporates your vision and accounts for any unique restrictions or assets of your corporate property.  We ensure each one of our customers that when you work with our team at COVIS, making the process enjoyable and efficient is our number one priority.  Whether your vision is to create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your commercial space, complement and augment an existing structure or build a beautiful outdoor environment for employees and visitors, we are committed to bringing your vision in stone to life.

If you’re looking for commercial hardscape design and construction services, please give us a call at 919-977-3284 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION!  We’ll be glad to schedule a site visit to discuss the specifics on how we can create your outdoor vision in stone!

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