Retaining Walls & Gardens

Custom Built Retaining Walls in Garner Make Homes Stand Out

Retaining wall construction is best left to the experts. You can build a wall, but will it last for years to come? Will the materials you gather from nature stand up to high heat temperatures, wind and erosion? Our retaining wall builders in Garner can help you choose high-quality materials to design and install a wall that not only holds back earth but adds instant beauty and value to your home.

Retaining walls for your garden can be customized to align with slope, type of terrain and existing surroundings. Would you like a wall to frame your award-winning flowers? Do you envision a hardscape design that connects your terraced garden to the rest of your yard or patio? Retaining wall construction is an affordable way to update your property or get your house ready to put on the market!

Things We Have that You Need for Retaining Walls for a Garden

Leveling a surface area, exact measurements and innovative design are all critical elements toward a successful hardscape project. We have the knowledge, skill and expertise you need to design and install a retaining wall that will last for years! Whether you opt for natural stone, brick or another available material, we’ll complete your project in a timely manner without hurting your budget.

There’s no need to keep feeling frustrated every time it rains as you watch the soil around your flowers and plants wash down the hillside in your backyard. Call us, and we’ll fix it!

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