Custom Paver & Stone Driveways

Clayton Paver Driveway Contractors Are Surface Experts

A custom stone driveway can be just what’s needed to update your home exterior and give your entrance a brand new look and feel. Our Clayton paver driveway contractors will work within your budget to design and install a brick paver driveway that will last for years. With a brick paver driveway, it’s a good idea to purchase a few extra pavers. If a paver ever chips or cracks, replacement will be swift and easy!

A custom stone driveway is a valuable home improvement tool that can change the entire hardscape layout of your property. Whether creating a path at your front entrance, in your backyard or alongside of your house, you can choose from many options to create patterns and styles that enhance the beauty of your home.

No More Potholes With a Custom Stone Driveway

Remember the day you thought you might have broken the axle on your car when your tire hit the pothole as you pulled into your driveway? Those days will be long gone when we build the driveway of your dreams! Whether your driveway is a straight shot to your front door or a long and winding pathway, line with trees or rows of flowers, it’s like a welcome mat for guests because it leads them straight to you!

Driveways also create more usable flat space in your yard. If you have kids or grand-kids, they’ll spend hours riding bikes, roller-skating or creating master works of art with colored chalk! Call today to get your driveway started!

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