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Our world changes dramatically day by day, and with all the technology available at our fingertips, the constant presence of a modern world in our faces, we are wanting a break from it all. Today’s younger generations, in particular – the “millennials” – are opting for daily digital detox moments where we can get away from it all, and because of this, we are once again becoming outdoor loving people.
Whether it’s to escape from televisions, computers, video games, phones; or just the want to return to nature, millennials are making a shift. That shift isn’t taking us far however, it’s literally taking us just out our back doors and into our new comfort zones.

About 32% of millennials plan to buy homes over the next two years, compared with 25% a year ago, according to the American Express spending and saving tracker, which surveyed 1,800 adults in February.
Recently, Remodeling Magazine noted that outdoor projects had a greater-than-average recoupment ratio when a home is sold, as compared with other remodelling projects.

These new comfort zones are fast becoming the easiest way to escape from the world without going anywhere. Your own backyard has so much untapped potential when it comes to renovations and upgrades, and right now the biggest trend, and one of the best financial decisions you can make regarding an upgrade for your home, is outdoor hardscapes.

Hardscapes are easy to explain. You convert your backyard into a very usable and aesthetically pleasing space. Stone patios with outdoor fireplaces, or fire pits sales have been increasing rapidly and consistently. And as far as increasing the value of your home, there isn’t really a better way to do it than outdoor hardscapes. Your entire patio area can be transformed with elaborate stone work, state of the art fireplaces can be installed, or you can opt for more traditional styles. No matter the way you do it, you are creating a living space like you’ve never had before, and you are adding to the value of your investment.

30 years ago, trends would have you dig a hole, fill it with water and call it a pool. Baby boomers did not mind the maintenance workload and the limitation to summer months. However the new millennial homebuyer look for low maintenance options that can be used all year long. The maintenance costs of having a pool can be thousands of dollars a year, and while having its benefits, can be more of a burden than anything with safety risks. Today’s home owner, we’re all digging much smaller holes, building fire pits inside them, and we call it outdoor heaven. The maintenance is low on fire pits and outdoor fire places, they generally take up less space than pools, can be used all year, and if you’re lucky enough, the only costs associated will be a yard of wood and a box of matches to light the fire.

Outdoor living used to be all we had, technology came, and took over our lives, and now we want the outdoors back again. What better way to do it than creating a custom made space that you can enjoy for years to come while increasing the value of your home.

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