Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces: Do you have a project in mind?

Maybe you’re not wild about the idea of trudging deep into the wilderness to sit by a campfire where there’s a good chance a rattlesnake or bear might be nearby. You’d much rather enjoy the ambiance that a custom outdoor fireplace can bring. You and your neighbor may have similar custom outdoor fireplace ideas in mind but COVIS designs and creates unique, outdoor living spaces that fit your personal entertaining and recreation needs.

Connecting with an experienced Apex custom outdoor fireplace builder is a first logical step to take to make your hardscape dreams a reality. Custom outdoor fireplaces can add the perfect touch to your exterior living space. Our team understands the importance of choosing high-quality, natural products to add color, texture and attractiveness to your outdoor living space. An outdoor fireplace is something you can enjoy all year long!

Fireplace or Fire Pit? Which Option Is Best for Your Home & Needs?

Our Apex custom outdoor fireplace builders can help you determine which options best fit your outdoor living space, vision and goals. Consider these factors:

  • Fireplaces are larger than fire pits. Walled support also helps divide space and provides wind protection.
  • Fire pits create a campfire atmosphere in a non-wilderness setting.
  • A fireplace contains burning embers, so it may be a safer option if there are other houses nearby.
  • A fire pit might be the least expensive option.
  • A fireplace holds heat longer than a fire pit. If you dream of spending quiet evenings, curled up with a loved one, a fireplace might work best.
  • A fireplace can be an artistic, architectural feature of your outdoor living space.

Let’s make your custom outdoor fireplace ideas a reality today!

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