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We Can Help with Your Stone Veneer Siding Installation Needs

When you have a stone veneer siding installation project in mind, you want a stone veneer contractor in Apex with the knowledge, manpower and experience it takes to bring the project to fruition without delay. Our COVIS team will work with you to carry out your home improvement plan according to your specifications.

What Are the Advantages of Using Stone Veneer?

When you connect with our stone veneer contractor in Apex, you can explore multiple building options but may find that there are several benefits to choosing a stone veneer option. One reason to choose stone veneer is that we can install it onto almost any surface, such as brick, metal, wood or sheet rock. It is often a popular choice with our customers because it weighs less and costs less, too.

While natural stone can be an attractive means for embellishing your home exterior, stone veneer siding installation is best for structures that have numerous curves and bends because it is more flexible than natural stone.

Here’s What We Also Know About Residential Stone Veneer

With home improvements, you want to get your money’s worth by choosing durable materials. Our contractors can tell you that stone veneer holds up well to the elements. Even after lots of sunlight, heat and rain, its color will hold fast so you can enjoy your new siding for years to come.
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