Resolving sloping lawns and uneven yards can be done with construction of a stone retaining wall. COVIS designs and installs stone retaining walls in Raleigh to deal with elevation changes and uneven slopes in outdoor areas, serving as a functional and structurally-sound solution to an off-camber living space.


Our retaining wall construction services have been used to level and beautify many outdoor areas, such as pool decks , gardens, patios, and fire pits . Our retaining wall designs hold back earth and create usable, flat areas, and have many applications:


  • Providing Structural Support

  • Leveling a Slope

  • Constructing Terraces

  • Building Steps & Stairs

  • Creating Planters & Garden Beds

  • Designing Multilevel Patios or Decks

  • Preventing Erosion

If you’re interested in landscaping or yard work but don’t have a level surface to do either effectively, contact COVIS about retaining wall design and construction for your Raleigh home.


COVIS puts quality and durability first with all of our hardscaping services in Raleigh. Our stone retaining walls are carefully engineered and built to withstand weather, weight, the force of gravity, and anything else a retaining wall is likely to come up against. We always complete retaining wall construction with strong materials, high structural integrity, and proper drainage to ensure they will last for years to come.