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Whether you are looking for patio space, an outdoor grill island, or wanting to cozy up with an outdoor wood burning fireplace, COVIS is the industry leader who can make your outdoor visions come true.

We are the only hardscaping company with multple locations on the east coast that focuses solely on hardscaping for outdoor areas. In fact, that is what our name, COVIS, stands for: Creating Outdoor Visions In Stone. This highly-specialized focus allows us to offer the absolute best in hardscaping and stone work. We will help create your outdoor visions and give you the outdoor living space you've been dreaming of!

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Why Install a Patio or Outdoor Living Area?

Smart Money magazine and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few, have all been huge advocates in encouraging homeowners to treat their backyard like an important feature of their home. In the last 10 years, people have started to look at the backyards as additional entertaining space. An outdoor living space is a great investment in your home.

With an outdoor living space by COVIS, the idea is that a patio, with a few seat walls and a fireplace or fire pit, can and will increase the total square footage of the living space in your house. It gives you another room and additional entertaining space. The possibilities are limitless! Whether you have limited space or an expansive backyard, an outdoor living area can be custom built to fit your needs.

Your Outdoor Living Space: An Investment in Your Home

Your investment in your backyard will bring significant returns when selling the house. The money you put into making your unfinished backyard into an attractive, well-manicured outdoor living area will be balanced out by the substantial increase in home value, which can often be equal to or more than what you put into the outdoor space!

At COVIS, we know what will make the biggest difference in your outdoor areas. We can help you design a custom hardscape that will meet your needs while staying within budget. We can also help guide you to those additions or changes that will achieve the most dramatic results, so you can be sure we will help you get your money's worth.

COVIS specializes in providing patio hardscaping and outdoor living space design services in our hardscaping service areas.