Labor Day has come and gone and even though it’s still pretty warm out there, you might want to think about preparing your yard for cooler temperatures this Fall. Here’s a timeline of events that you can follow to make sure your patio, pool area, or outdoor living space are prepared for the colder winter months ahead. 

Early Fall 

These are things you can do right away. 

Tackle Perennial Weeds From Hardscaping Areas 

Retaining walls, patios, stone pool decks, stone pavers – any hardscaping you have on your property can become home to weeds that love to grow in hard-to-reach cracks and borders where the stone meet the grass. Fall is the ideal time to rid your yard of weeds like Dandelions. Start early in Fall and re-apply if the spray you’re using instructs you do to so. 

Close Your Pool and Protect Your Flagstone Deck 

September officially marks the start of occasionally-cold days that hearken the cooler months ahead. Unless you’re one of those hale-and-hardy swimmers who can withstand cold water, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool until next Spring. 

In addition to vacuuming the pool, balancing the chemicals, and lowering the water level, you’ll want to prepare your stone pool deck as well. Keep falling leaves swept away and clear it from other debris, too. Leaves that are left on your flagstones will decay and then may permanently discolor the stone with the acid that they leave. Even grass clippings and dirt should be swept off periodically. If left on, especially in areas of low sunlight, they can cause fungus and mold to grow, which can also change the color of the stones. 

In addition, make an appointment for the annual re-sealing, if you haven’t already. And each week, continue keeping your flagstone clear of debris. Come winter, if and when it snows, you’ll want a “clear deck” so you can easily sweep off the snow. The idea is to keep any melting snow or ice from penetrating joints in your flagstone. 


These activities can wait a few weeks or even until November. 

Stock Up on Wood for Your Outdoor Fireplace 

Now that Fall is coming, it’s time to make full use of your outdoor fireplace. Relaxing summer evenings become cozy Autumn nights spent around the fire and you’ll want plenty of wood to fuel those good times. 

Plan Your Outdoor Cooking With the Season in Mind 

Since Fall in the Raleigh area doesn’t present quite the chill factor that it does up north, it’s safe to keep your outdoor kitchen running this Fall. But if you do plan on retiring your outdoor living until next Spring, you may want to consider bleeding the water pipes that feed your sink or other outdoor appliances. It may not reach freezing temperatures at all this year, but if there’s a cold front coming your way in January, you’ll be glad you did this! 

Once you’ve prepared your yard for Fall and the months beyond, you can continue relaxing and entertaining in your yard- September isn’t over with yet, and neither are the good times!

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