Stone & Paver Walkways

Outdoor Walkway Contractors in Wake Forest Solve Entrance Problems

Everyone wants the entrance of their home to make a good impression on visitors and other guests. If your pathway or walkway is in disrepair, not only might it look dull or worn, it could also pose a safety hazard. A new stone walkway may be just what you need to give the look and feel of your property a big boost!

Our outdoor walkway contractors in Wake Forest can design a beautiful entrance pathway to your front door. Perhaps it’s a paver walkway for your yard that you need at your walk-out basement entrance or around a garden. No matter the location, our expert design and installation team can custom-build a stone walkway for your property that will accentuate your existing hardscape design and increase the value of your home!

A Paver Walkway for Your Yard Will Be Strong and Durable

Paver bricks are versatile building materials that are a great selection for those who are budget-conscious and looking for something that will hold up well to foot traffic and weather. You can place pavers directly over soil, into gravel or in a mortar base. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect pathway for your particular surface location.

Color, texture and patterns are other factors to consider when designing a stone pathway for your property. Our builders will complete the job in a timely, cost-effective manner to satisfy your design specifications. Let’s talk today to get started planning your stone walkway project!

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Custom Firepits

Backyard Firepits Take Entertaining to the Next Level

Imagine relaxing in the privacy of your own backyard while surrounded by a cool, evening breeze and the sounds of nature as you unwind from a long day or snuggle with a special someone. Our Cary patio fire pit contractors are ready to design and install a backyard firepit that will last for years and bring you hours upon hours of enjoyment.

COVIS custom firepit builders can assess your property to determine a perfect size and style for a firepit that is both beautiful and functional whether you’re relaxing alone or hosting an evening gathering for family and friends.

We Make Sure Backyard Firepits are Safe

Is it possible to take a walk in the woods and gather stones to build your own firepit? It is, but there’s no guarantee those stones won’t explode when they reach high heat temperatures. Our custom firepit builders make safety a priority from phase one design to completion of every project.

When you hire Cary patio fire pit contractors at COVIS, you get the knowledge, skill, experience and craftsmanship needed to create an outdoor living space that is beautiful, versatile and safe to use. You can choose from wood-burning options or gas, as well as classic, rustic or contemporary styles to create a unique custom-built firepit that fits your entertaining needs and lifestyle.

Our Cary Patio Fire Pit Contractors Will Help You Stay Within a Budget

Choosing high quality materials that are budget-friendly is challenging! COVIS can help! Contact us today!

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