Spring time is upon us and that means being able to spend time outside after those chilly winter months. One of the perks of owning your own home is having a space where you can kick back and relax in nature when the weather turns nice. But, do you have that space created yet or not?

There are several different routes you can take, but one of the more popular ones is a paver stone patio, commonly referred to as a hardscape feature. There’s a wealth of information regarding hardscape ideas and backyard hardscape design, and so many ways to accent your backyard patio in Cary to make it uniquely yours. Here are some ideas for your consideration this Spring.


One hardscape idea that could really set your patio apart from the others is the use of patterns in the stones as they are laid down to create your patio. Due to the wide variety of natural stone pavers and their various colors, there are numerous varieties and patterns you could use. You could put in geometric shapes like circles or diamonds, a large compass or sunburst design in an open space, or even have your initials monogrammed into the patio. To top it off, these unique designs don’t have to be much more costly than a regular hardscape installation.


When designing your backyard hardscape in Cary, it would be wise to think of lighting. The hope would be that you are enjoying yourself sitting out back on your patio so much that you lose track of time and turn an afternoon barbecue into an evening of festivities. For that reason and several others, you should put in enough lights to be able to see in the dark. Low voltage LED is the most common type of light and is efficient, stylish and rather affordable. As far as what type of lights to put in, spotlights, walkway lights, string lights, overhead lights or lamppost lights would all be viable choices.


While it’s good to be able to see at night, it would also help to be able to spend time on your backyard hardscape without getting burnt to a crisp. Cary NC has an average high temperature of 89℉ in July, and the Southeast can get quite uncomfortable in the summer, which reinforces the need for a shaded area on your new custom paver patio.

You have four main choices when it comes to shade: trees, hung sun-shades, a pavilion or a pergola. Trees are the obvious choice, being natural and beneficial to the environment. Large sun-shades are great and relatively inexpensive, however they would need to be part of your initial design because getting them hung and supported can be tough. Not to mention, if they are an after-thought, a tall pole standing up could be unsightly or in the way for guests. A pavilion would provide a solid roof overhead to protect you from rain as well as sun, whereas a pergola is a latticed wood structure that can provide you with semi-shade. Most pergolas are equipped with retractable canopies, offering you the option of full shade and protection from rain.

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Now that you have some backyard hardscape design ideas, you can accent what you have or craft something new. Your backyard can be a place for you, family and friends to spend some quality time together. COVIS will take your vision and goals and bring our best recommendations to meet your expectations for a new custom backyard paver patio in Cary, NC. Reach out today to get scheduled for a free on-site consultation.

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