Every part of your home should reflect your personality, and that includes outdoor spaces. The perfect landscaping or hardscaping project is more than a vision. It’s a concerted effort from the homeowner, the designer, and the builder. At COVIS, we understand that a new hardscaping project can seem overwhelming or complicated. While every project with us is unique to the client’s tastes, we are happy to share a few essential elements of every phased hardscaping project:

Choose a qualified builder and designer: Selecting the right team for your outdoor project ensures a successful build with less stress and more confidence. Some things to consider in this decision include the team’s experience, materials of expertise, and ability to communicate.

Compare your vision with your needs: Make sure you choose a design that works with your day-to-day schedule, as well as your comfort. While you might envision the incorporation of a garden, you will need time to water and maintain it. And while lots of stairs might contribute to a certain look, consider guests who may not be able to access them. Every piece of a hardscaping project should combine style, utility, and comfort.

Pre-plan all phases: A clear understanding of the exact dimensions and details of a hardscaping project will save time and money down the road. Bringing your vision to life is usually done in a series of stages, from schematics to laying the plan, to installing the hardscape. If your hardscapers don’t have a clear picture of the project, steps could be skipped and costs could increase.

Consider budget in stages: Breaking down a project into segments around materials and labor provides a clear picture of its true cost. Going into a design quote, homeowners will get better information from the hardscaper if they can provide specific details around the stages of their project.

As you start to develop a plan and a budget for your home’s hardscaping project, don’t forget the experts at COVIS in Raleigh. We’re passionate about bringing outdoor spaces to life with hard work, experienced planning, and excellent communication.

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