Don’t Let Old Man Winter Ruin an Outdoor Fireplace

The good thing about outdoor entertaining in Apex is that it can be done throughout the year. That doesn’t mean maintenance isn’t needed for a custom outdoor fireplace, however, especially if it’s a gas model. A few simple tasks can help prevent winter damage and ensure that a fireplace will be in good working condition the next time it’s used.

The following list includes helpful tips for keeping an outdoor fireplace in top shape during colder winter months:

  • Clean out any leaves or debris from the pit.
  • If it’s gas, close there regulator.
  • Cover the open pit with a tarp.
  • Place all accessories in storage.

There are also custom covers available to help prevent rain, ice or snow pile ups inside the open pit of an outdoor fireplace. It’s helpful to consult an outdoor fireplace contractor in Apex to ask questions and get tips for preventing winter damage. Custom outdoor fireplace contractors understand how various types of stone can be affected by a change in climate. Just as chips and cracks can occur from moisture build-up when exposed to intense heat from flames or sunlight, such damage may also occur if a fireplace keeps getting covered in ice or snow.

A little bit of effort goes a long way to extend the life of an outdoor fireplace when colder temperatures hit. Simply sweeping or using a plastic shovel to remove snow helps prevent the constant exchange between constriction and expansion that ultimately causes cracks or breakage in fireplace stones. A custom outdoor fireplace contractor can recommend a best course of action for a specific climate to maintain functionality and help a fireplace last as long as possible.

Apex Hardscaping Experts Get the Job Done

When an outdoor fireplace contractor in Apex designs a new project, high-quality materials are chosen to fit budgetary needs and accomplish a customer’s goals for aesthetic value and functionality. It’s a good idea to ask an Apex hardscaping contractor for winterization tips, too. Give us a call today!