Just like in your home, design is important in your outdoor kitchen, too. It’s what makes a simple “yard” or “patio” into an outdoor living space. But how about outdoor kitchens? What does it take to make a beautiful kitchen space in your backyard – one that’s family-friendly and perfect for making memories?

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

If you ask most people, the grill is the most important element in the outdoor kitchen. It is, after all, the most functional piece of the puzzle. It’s also the visual centerpiece as well as the center of activity. The grill master is the star of the show and when everybody’s hungry, the crowd sticks close to that grill!

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Get inspired. The internet is your guide but it helps to visit show rooms and see things in person or talk to some knowledgeable people.
  2. Plan strategically. It’s important to maximize the outdoor space that you have, so drawing up a plan is essential. 3D modeling is very useful if you have trouble visualizing the layout. Take into account flooring, decks, climate, safety, location, the size of your appliances, storage, lighting, and more.
  3. Purchase your pieces. Research and compare grills, islands, cabinets, awnings, and furniture.

Some Side Benefits to Building an Outdoor Kitchen

It’s hard to beat the lasting value of an outdoor space that allows you, your guests, and your family to enjoy outdoor living longer into the season. Making your back yard a four-season space opens up a lot of opportunities for enjoying time together outdoors.

Along with the memories you’ll create in your outdoor kitchen, you’ll also be beautifying your property. Plus, by adding premium features to your home (i.e. an outdoor kitchen), you’re also adding to the value of your property — and for a much lower investment of money than other types of additions and upgrades.

For example, lots of homeowners, when they’re getting ready to sell or even ten years out from selling, will remodel their bathrooms or update their kitchens. That typically makes for a faster sale because it makes the home more attractive and move-in ready. But did you know the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $23,790? That’s a big chunk of change(1).

Instead, if you take that remodeling budget and apply it to building an outdoor kitchen, the cost is cut almost in half. On average, Americans pay $12,285 to build a brand new outdoor kitchen (2). What’s more, you can easily control the cost because most of your budget goes toward the grill. High-end gas grills that are built into a grill island make for an incredible anchor to your outdoor kitchen. And for some folks, they’re worth every penny. However, they’re not for everyone. Some homeowners prefer to cook over an open flame and choose to build wood-burning fireplaces. Others prefer the smoky flavor of a coal grill. The bonus for them is that they’ll see a cost savings when they choose these types of grills over choosing the premium-level gas grill.


If you’re thinking about building an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to consider layout, design, landscaping, square footage, cost, and how it will be used. Your outdoor kitchen entails all of these things and more but most importantly, it’s going to become the backdrop for some of life’s most important memories. It reflects your individual style and your way of living, so give the planning phase the proper attention. Talk to a professional, learn about your options, and don’t settle for anything less than bringing your perfect vision to life. And if you’d like, call us and talk to a professional today, at COVIS in Raleigh.


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