We might still be having freezing cold nights but it’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming season of garden parties and outdoor living. We’re already excited about the 2020 outdoor living trends, which range from “biophilic design” to garden rooms to pet areas. In short, they’re all about spending time outside, surrounded by nature and beautiful design that complements the natural environment in a way that suits your style.

Trend #1: Garden Rooms

This trend is skyrocketing on Pinterest right now, and it’s a simple way to create a corner of your back yard that’s uniquely “you”. There are lot of ways to create a garden room in your yard:

  • Build a pergola with lattice-like walls that will support a vertical garden. The enclosed space will be lush with greenery and provide natural, cooling shade as well.
  • Create a destination in your yard by building a walkway leading to a small patio against a wall or shrubbery at the edge of your yard. Place a bench there, surrounded by plants. The patio is your “room” and it can have side walls of potted trees, garden arches, or anything you can find to create a semi-enclosed space.

Trend #2: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is when you use natural elements to design your space. It might seem redundant when you’re planning an outdoor space but the trick here is to use integrate natural materials into your hardscaping plans. Use wood and stone for your projects and incorporate plant walls and potted plants everywhere. When installing pavers, consider allowing green space between them so grass can thrive, giving a natural, woodsy look (a greener option that people are also using in their driveways these days, too!).

Trend #3: Global Inspirations

One of the hottest outliving trends for 2020 is travel-inspired style for your outdoor spaces. Even if you’re not traveling, your backyard living area can transport you to places you love (or places you have on your bucket list!). If it’s time to upgrade your outdoor furnishings, now’s a good time to consider a globally-inspired style. Try any of these:

  • European: elegant, architectural furniture that recalls Old World grace and style
  • Tropical: consider mid-century Havana style, with rattan seats, curved seat backs, and crisp white table tops, accented by potted palms and brightly-colored tropical pillows
  • Eastern: go for the Bali look with rustic, teak wood furniture accented with spa-like, super lush cushions

Trend #4: Pet Areas

Pets have a big impact on our lives so why not include them in your outdoor living design plans, too? One hot trend for 2020 is the “catio”, which is essentially an outdoor playground for your cat. If your cat isn’t allowed to roam, you can use a cat door that opens out onto an enclosed patio so he can go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine whenever he wants. Other options include built-in steps and landing pads throughout the yard  — anything for cats to play on, really!

For dogs, the 2020 trend is to spare the grass and reserve a space that serves as a “doggy bathroom” area, much like a sand box.

Trend #5: The Outdoor Kitchen Bar

How does a morning smoothie prepared and enjoyed in the morning sun sound to you? We think it sounds divine. If you don’t have the space for a full outdoor kitchen, a small-scale kitchen bar can fulfill your outdoor living dreams. All you need is a mini pergola over a small bar, an outdoor fridge, and some fun bar stools. Decorate with hanging potted plants, a big old jar of sun tea on the countertop, and fun accessories to give pops of color.

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